Your test on reactivities

Highly adaptive reactivity connects your personality with the five highly adaptive behaviors for any individual and for the human species.

Far from being a mere description of traits, it identifies basic behaviors that you carry out in your reaction to stimuli and in your interaction with the environment.

It will allow you to clarify and understand your own internal conflicts and those that occur in your coexistence with others.

These five highly adaptive behaviors are:

Frontal:Go to target
Lateral:Emocional expression

But it turns out that each one of us is spontaneously specialized in executing one or some of these behaviors, for cultural, educational reasons and especially from birth.

The highly adaptive reactivity test is very easy to do and will take no more than fifteen minutes.

There are no questions but only images of movies that you have to select without specifying the reason.

When you have finished, a report will be issued indicating the percentage of each of these behaviors; the psychic and mental characteristics of each of the reactivities; body morphology when a reactivity is dominant and its specific tendency to psychic discomfort and physical disorder when it cannot be expressed.

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