¿ About us ?

My name is Luis Alonso Polo. I was born in Alhama de Aragón (Zaragoza, Spain) in 1960. Since I was 15 years old, I have had a great interest in knowing human nature and especially its psyche and mind. So I studied Psychology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and graduated in 1982.

Luis Alonso

The knowledge that psychology offered me did not seem sufficient to clarify human nature because it did not relate the mind to the body. Neither did biology or its therapeutic application, medicine.

So I set out to delve into other theoretical and applied perspectives: client-centered psychotherapy, training group, bioenergetics, transactional analysis, assertive techniques, Gestalt psychotherapy, existential psychotherapy, rebercing, quiromassage, acupuncture, yoga, pranayama, sophrology, relaxation Jakobson, Zen Buddhism, Hypnosis, Anti-gymnastics, Rolfing, Transcendental Meditation, NLP, BDM, ProcessComunication, etc. que me dediqué a profundizar en otras perspectivas tanto teóricas como aplicadas: psicoterapia centrada en el cliente, training group, bioenergética, análisis transaccional, técnicas asertivas, psicoterapia guestáltica, psicoterapia existencial, rebercing, quiromasaje, digitopuntura, yoga, pranayama, sofrología, relajación de Jakobson, budismo zen, hipnosis, antigimnasia, rolfing, meditación transcendental, PNL, BDM, ProcessComunication, etc.

I gave many of their approaches and practices and continue to give them great value, but neither did they seem to me nor do they seem enough to understand human nature and attend to the particular nature of each person. de sus planteamientos y prácticas les otorgué y sigo otorgándoles un gran valor, pero tampoco me parecieron ni me parecen suficientes para comprender la naturaleza humana y atender la particular naturaleza de cada persona.

I also met SEITAI by chance. I have trained intensively over more than 30 years in this culture of life-health in human nature with Katsumi Mamine Miwa (1944) at the SEITAI Barcelona Academy and I continue to cultivate my training. I have collaborated closely in exposing SEITAI culture with a new language and in publishing their books (www.seitai-cvp.com).

Katsumi Mamine

I have combined this dedication with the work of director of the Can Puig de Sant Pere de Ribes Secondary Education Institute since 1998 (www.iescanpuig.com).

As the subject of Personality and Individual Differences is basic to understand the human and specific nature of each individual, I completed my doctorate courses at the University of Barcelona in the Department of Personality, Treatment and Evaluation. My thesis supervisor was the dean of the Faculty of Psychology, professor Josep Maria Tous i Ral.

My thesis project finally turned into research on the qualitative selection of stimuli and highly adaptive personality (which can be found on this website, in References), where the existence of a new dimension of personality is demonstrated: highly adaptive reactivity.