The personality on the face

Thanks to the pictorial work of Emilio Alonso Wilson, we can visualize how the five modalities of the highly adaptive personality are expressed in the face of the same person.

The work has been carried out through personal interviews with the subjects portrayed. In each interview, the frames that reflect each of the five modalities of the highly adaptive personality on his face have been selected and, based on them, the portrait has been made.

The five portraits of each person, in each of the five highly adaptive personality modalities, are accompanied by a description of the painter.

It invites us “so that the viewer can contemplate the unity of the person through the microexpressions of the person portrayed in each of the five movements. Awakening the reflection of the extent to which the person is something beyond his circumstances and identifies and expresses himself in and from each of these states.”

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Vertical Frontal Lateral Rotatory Central